Heavy rains in Pakistan


Pakistan last month, heavy rains caused landslides ingredients, floods and landslides occurred as a result of the loss of life and damage resulting negative impact on his life
Every year, experienced and the need to take long-term measures for prevention of the table - the monsoon before the so-called last month that heavy rains are caused by the loss of life of, to begin in July, is expected to rise with the expected monsoon rains

caused by the landslide by heavy rains in the last month in Pakistan, floods and landslides as a result of experiencing the loss of life and damage to life occurring adverse effects on, in order to prevent this table there every year and the need to take long-term measures.

The country's north and northwest where heavy rains caused the effective landslides, floods and landslides took more than 200 lives in the last three weeks.

Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Hayberpaktunhuv state with places most affected by the rains Baltistan region, while rain and flooding has caused 500 thousand home to see the damage or destruction.

living in the same catastrophe in previous years to undertake measures to take after experiencing tragedy in Pakistan, so much of the mortality among the main causes of damage is shown to be high.
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Last weekend's heavy rains have fallen and the Peshawar city, where there are flooding the place where most clearly seen in the results of the disaster.

Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar Batatel the district effective rainfall in the district after the Bar River flood caused by flooding as a result of the bridge connecting the two sides of town were flooded. wooden slats on their own means to move the damaged portion of people were seen lining the bridge. In addition, local residents helped in the rescue of citizens who were reportedly under the rubble and mud on their own.

Floods, making it a large number of infrastructure and roads could not be used in home electricity. Torrential rains caused flooding and landslides, especially in mountainous terrain adversely affect aid to these regions and the delivery was very difficult for search and rescue operations.

The death of a large number of the same reasons that happened frequently in Pakistan had taken thousands of lives in torrential rains last year.

Some experts in Pakistan to climate change taking place in the world bulunarak assessment is the most-affected countries, shows that climate change as one of the causes of heavy rainfall.

Every year more people than the average one million estimated to have negatively affected by the floods caused by torrential rains in Pakistan, the government although afforestation, trying to overcome the problems with emergency action plans and similar methods specifying in particular long-term projects suggests revealed konmadık think that the problem will persist.

Pre-monsoon called last month of torrential rains caused by the loss of life, starting in July is expected to rise with the expected monsoon rains.

In a statement from the Pakistan Disaster Response Enforcement Administration, which is effective because of heavy rains in the north and northwest of the country that killed 212 people since March 9 and it was stated that 200 people were injured.

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