US president Clinton in the primaries and Trump frustration


breaking news In the presidential race in the US state of Wisconsin in the preliminary elections in the Republican Party, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, while the Democratic Party has won Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Favorite Trump and suffered Clinton frustration. With Republicans in the US ahead of the presidential election on November 8 continues the process of identifying candidates for the Democrats. Parties, Wisconsin is located north of the country went to the pre-selection in the state.

Industrial area Texas senator from the Republican Party chairman candidates in pre-election in Wisconsin, Ted Cruz, managed to leave behind a strong rival businessman Donald Trump. Ted Cruz compared to non-official results of the vote to 50 percent, while 32 percent of Trump took. the other presidential candidates of the party Ohio governor John Kasich had 14 percent. public opinion polls in the state in the country with great response worldwide statement against Islam and who Trump showed the will defeat against Cruz. Trump is the result of this error, the survey party will be held in July, delegates to reach enough chances to win the nomination until the convention is in jeopardy. Party administration also opposes the fact that the presidential candidate Trump. Today's result, Cruz won 504 delegates while increasing the number of Trump's 740 Kasich of the 145 delegates present. To win the nomination of candidates from one party must reach a thousand 237 delegates.

 CLINTON STILL LOSE The facade of the former Democratic Party is seen as the favorite candidate of the party Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was frustrated again. Last two weeks during the Idaho, Utah, Washington, Alaska and Hawaii state unsmiling face in Clinton, Wisconsin finished the race in the state behind Vermont Senator Sanders. Sanders while behind the support of 56 percent of the party in the state, had 43 percent to Clinton. Sanders in 6 of the last 7 pre-election this result has been an advantage to Clinton. Clinton is only able to laugh in Arizona. Clinton found that 469 thousand 771 delegates, including super,

 super Sanders is so far 29 thousand 92 delegates present. Sanders will be held on April 19 in New York before the pre-selection was a huge morale. Prospective candidates campaign in terms of the number of delegates as the second largest state after California's critical to concentrate in New York. presidential candidate of the party will become clear in the conference to be held in July.
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