The causes of breast cancer

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between common types of cancer among women with breast cancer in the first place. Lifelong there is a risk of developing cancer of one in every 8 women. Breast cancer cells are from cancers of the breast tissue. It may originate from any part of the breast tissue. The most common type; arising from the breast ducts "ductal" cancer are called cancer. derived from the milk-producing glands "lobular" cancers are also common. Also less common medullary tissue from said other tubular, there are also types such as mucinous. Genetic changes in the formation of breast cancer is very important. Genetic structure of disorders caused by various factors and the effects of normal aging and cause cancer. But only a part of 7-9% of breast cancer is inherited familial. Especially having breast cancer at a young age and male breast cancer in the mother's side of the family may indicate a transition.

Female gender and age are the most important risk factor for breast cancer. Other known risk factors are as follows; Age at first birth: After 30 years in which the first delivery, risk is increased compared to the first to give birth before the age of 18. Earlier this relationship also has been proposed to be an inverse relationship between the number of births in the development of cancer has been shown. Still to be at lower levels of the hormone estrogen during pregnancy can provide the emergence of this protective effect.

The age of first menstruation: Those who at an early age of first menstruation, lifetime risk is increased because they will be exposed to estrogen for longer.

Age at menopause: Menopause pieces were cut from the women as it is known, is the period in which the end of fertility. Advanced age (> 55 years) increases the risk of breast cancer, menopause. Here are exposed to long-term effects of estrogen hormones.

Breastfeeding: At least for one year, as well as data showing that the protective effect of breastfeeding have any effect claiming that the available studies.

Birth control pills: long-term use of birth control pills increases the risk of developing breast cancer. As well as at least five years after the use of these drugs colon, uterus, and ovaries (ovarian) it has been shown to reduce the risk of cancer. 10 years longer in use, especially at a young age (before 20 years) to begin using breast cancer, increasing the risk of heart attack and stroke. Here you can cause serious problems with the issue of smoking, especially birth control pills should be mentioned. Together it increases the risk of heart disease and stroke are evident.

Postmenopausal hormone treatment: Such drugs often are used to eliminate or reduce the complaints related to menopause. These drugs include estrogen and progesterone production intercepts the body. These drugs for 5 years and longer term use and breast cancer in women after menopause increases the risk of uterine cancer.

Height and weight: the risk of breast cancer in women is growing tall. The reason for this is unknown. Similarly colon cancer risk in women was found high. In premenopausal women with underweight women, the breast cancer risk in women who are over the ideal weight after menopause increases. Menopausal excess weight and excess adipose tissue, especially estrogen (hormone known to cause breast cancer) causes production.

Nutrition: fat in postmenopausal women is associated in the development of breast cancer with high nutrition food. Otherwise, there are protective effect of vegetables is mainly diet.
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