What are the disadvantages of obesity

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What are the disadvantages of obesity

Weight gain, especially when weight taken after menopause, breast cancer triggers many types of cancer, especially. Most healthy is to maintain the ideal weight
Obesity; cancer, especially significantly increases the risk of developing breast cancer. The excess weight after menopause get cited as one of the reasons that triggered the cancer. Obesity; ovary, liver, has a relationship with esophageal cancer disease. Obesity surgery is a permanent weight control is among the measures to be taken against cancer. Memorial Health Group General Surgery Department, Prof. Antalya Dr. Alihan Gürkan, told the obesity-cancer relationship ...

 An important part of cancer is made or due to obesity? Obesity, did it direct effect on cancer development?
Overweight people should not think that they have only visual distress, there must point to this disease and should be treated. If cancer patients diagnosed with obesity; During treatment for obesity it should be applied in a separate treatment. Before menopause, the risk of developing breast cancer in overweight people, 20-40 per cent less than in menopausal women. After menopause, overweight or obese increases the risk of breast cancer in women, is more than 30-60 percent compared to the weak. Obesity and cancer shows another study on that; 18 years of menopause weight gain up to process 9-10 to risk a subgroup of patients with breast cancer is increasing by 15 percent. This group of patients, compared with 22 weight field; This risk increased to 45 percent. weight gain after menopause There are studies showing that there is another risk. When no weight with 10 kilos in women after menopause compared to women without breast cancer increased 18 percent risk of developing weight gain. After menopause, weight loss and reduces the risk of breast cancer.


 Obesity surgery as a preventive cancer surgery Is it acceptable?
Bariatric surgery with weight control is protective from cancer may lead to obesity. Besides, to reach a normal weight is undergoing cancer as well as in front of many serious health problems.

 'Bariatric surgery, is a treatment' can be said can be considered as a precaution against the patient's cancer?
If cancer is an important risk factor in the development achieved lasting weight control is prevented.

One of the promising new therapies in the treatment of cancer immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is one of the current treatment approaches in cancer therapy that is given to patients in the immune system drugs, fighting against cancer cells provide the most effective treatment method for enhancing the normal body cells. For example, in the treatment of kidney tumors are expected to find a good place. So in cancer treatment, chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not only the month and also immunotherapy applications in the field of interventional radiology have a very important place. Many different alternatives offered to patients.

patient psychology in cancer treatment has an effect on a person's life expectancy and quality. strong in the immune system of the patient plays an active role in combating the disease. The patient has a high morale and motivation, will be a positive response to treatment will be more in parallel.

LEARN from that oncologists SON IS CANCER
Low back pain is going to the hospital with complaints of ultrasound results in renal tumor 10 centimeters determined 63-year-old honorary Arslan, 2.5 hours was recuperating in an operation. Kidney tumors, news that the body of vaginal cancer Arslan removed without creating any surgical incision, medical oncologist, the son Assoc. Dr. Sea was given by Armstrong. tumors in the kidney, Prof. Dr. It was removed by Alihan Gurkan. Postoperative discharged, attaining health Arslan who did not need additional treatment to be applied. Fahri Arslan discovered that cancer as a result of the biopsy process using a mass in the right kidney medical oncologist, the son Assoc. Dr. Deniz Arslan news her mother had wanted to give him.

be sure to information about patient status and Arslan stressed the need to hide it, the process said: "My mother was obese. I connect this reason, the pain of weight. Ellen was not detected mass examination.'ve found mass in the right kidney of my mother ultrasound. Biopsy result it turned out to be cancer. I I believe in the people need to know of the disease. this had a right to know, even if I'm close and I could not hide from him. of course I was very surprised when I say that cancer and did not believe before. when he learned of the result, diagnostic knew what he had. Status of the included in the treatment process we will explain to him unless he chose to rely on their doctors rather than to approach emotional . my behavior has a positive impact on the success of his treatment. patients are not from third parties, must learn from the disease by physicians and should prepare himself to beat him. I hide nothing about such acts that I and my mother status me very comfortable. "

The surgery was ATTAIN HEALTH
For Arslan Honorary body in the kidney tumor that has not spread it was decided that the most effective surgical treatment. Arslan tumor in the kidney was removed laparoscopically vaginally. Operating good kidney tumor removed last and Honorary Arslan, after surgical procedures to create surgical incisions on his body return to health without the need for additional treatment.
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